Discover Sailing Moreton Bay

Discover Sailing

Discover Sailing with McCusker Yachts
Discover Sailing with McCusker Yachts on Brisbane’s Moreton Bay

Discover sailing with McCusker Yachts on Brisbane’s Moreton Bay. From the very first days of venturing onto the water there have been varied ways of moving, none more exhilarating than that of sailing. The feel of the wind filling the sails and drawing the vessel forward with a rush of water pushing out from the bow.

No matter whether you are young or old, as the wind fills your sails your heart lifts and the stress melts away.

Introduction to Sailing

Sailing is fun, whether you sail for recreation or for serious sporting events. Regardless of the many differences in size and type, all sailboats work the same way to harness the wind for propulsion. Learn with me, as I learn how sailboats work, common types of sailboats, and where people go to sail in Brisbane’s Moreton Bay.

Learning to Sail

Kids Sailing Course
Kids Sailing Courses

You would probably be surprised how easy it is to start sailing, and it’s a lot easier in a basic boat with a single mast. Basic sailing courses are available at most yacht clubs and all these clubs welcome new members. The family friendly atmosphere at these clubs give a sense of belonging and they enjoy sharing their knowledge as well as helping to get you started sailing.
Of course you can learn to sail on your own, but it’s easier to gain much needed skills if someone is guiding you.

Parts of the Yacht

Part of a Yacht
Identify Part of a Yacht

The types of skills you need to gain are what different parts of the boat called and what they do, and how to use them. How to rig the boat, from its sails and sheets to it’s rudder and of course how to make it sail in a particular direction, not just wherever the wind blows you.
The basics of sailing a Yacht in different directions in different wind strengths and wind directions. A good example using a motor car analogy, if you want to slow down you need to take your foot off the gas, one way you do that in a yacht is by reefing the sails.

Point of the Sail

Sailing direction terms used, points of the sail
Sailing direction terms used, points of the sail

Basic boat handling skills you need to learn are sailing off from the dock, turning and stopping, then returning to the dock.

Part of the Yacht that needs requires close attention is the sail and it’s boom, controlled by sheets, the boom can swing from side to side when changing direction knocking an unsuspected passenger or novice captain overboard. Knowing the points of the sail and how it directs the boat is a must.
Water safety and navigation are an important part of sailing on the waterways as there are more and more boats on the water every day, both recreational and commercial. Without proper safety and navigation skills, a perfect day out can turn disastrous.

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