Moreton Bay Trailer Boat Club

Wynnum – Manly area boasts a large Marina with a picturesque view of Moreton Bay along it’s foreshores.

Wynnum Manly Marina
Wynnum Manly Marina

This safe harbour has been host to several boat clubs our it’s colourful history.
The Wynnum and Manly Sailing Club was founded in 1909, and was an “All Boat Club”. This club survived the Great War and grew in membership to 90 members on register in 1921. The depression in 1930 and other contributing factors caused the club to decline until it ceased to exist around 1932.
The Manly Yacht Club was established in 1914, after years of friendly rivalry with the Wynnum and Manly Sailing Club, many exciting races won and lost to each, but unfortunately the Manly Yacht Club declined in 1925.
It took nearly 30 years to pass before a few local sailors decided there was a need for another “All Boat Club”, and the Wynnum Manly Yacht Club was established in 1962

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