Learn to sail

dingy_001As a sport or recreational activity it’s hard to go past sailing. From the basic Dingy or Keel-boat up to ocean going Tall-Ships, the fun and excitement is non stop.

Basic Sailing is probably easier to learn than you think, as long as you have available a nice stretch of water and a breeze you can get started. Whether you go find a good sailing school or just muddle through the trial and error of sailing by yourself or with a friend. It’s not difficult to learn if you take it step-by-step.
To get started, first learn the different parts of the boat and it’s hardware, where it goes and what it does.
Moreton Bay Sailing-McCuskerOnce you can name the main parts of the boat and what they do, it’s time to start rigging your vessel. Rigging must include the basic knots used in sailing, essential to rigging, docking, mooring, and anchoring.
Once you can rig your vessel it’s time to learn the basics to moving the boat in the different wind directions.

There are several “Learn to Sail” courses in and around Moreton Bay, Brisbane. I have listed a few of them below and linked to their websites for your convenience.

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