Your First Sailing Experience

kayak_sail01My first sailing experience was in a fishing kayak, with a home made sail. Not quite a yacht, but it did have a sail. Sailing across Moreton Bay from Victoria Point over to Peel Island. Once there I pulled the kayak onto the beach and forgetting about the rudder, pushed it backwards into the water snapping the rudder flush with the waterline in a coral protrusion on the beach.
Luckily the sail was a Pacific Sail (V shape) pivoting from the base mount, so I was able to steer somewhat zig-zag back to Victoria Point. An old sea captain standing on the boat ramp watched intently as I approached the boat ramp in a side-on fashion. Giving me a cheer he inspected the rig and suggested I investigate using a lee-board. He went on to elaborate on what a Lee-board was and how it worked similar to a keel, only it was positioned at the side of the vessel and could be swung up out of the way if necessary.
I decided to take on his advice and set about trying to find out more about sailing and it’s equipment, this is how McCusker Yachts came about.
Tell me about your first sailing experience and share with my readers what inspired you to take up sailing.

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  1. Looks like a pretty good set-up. Is it hard to sail? Don’t think I would take that out to Peel Island though, pretty big sharks out there, hey watch out!!

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